First off: THANK YOU!

It's due to your support that we can announce this exciting news, the testing of our FRS / BRZ 5x114.3 conversion hubs are well underway with production full speed ahead! Due to the rise and fall of other brands' conversion hubs, we have to be meticulous in testing and confident in the product before offering it to the public.

To start with, choosing the right wheel bearing that is both affordable for the customer and meets the level of performance we require can be a little difficult, but we are confident with the direction we are heading.

I thought I'd give you a little look into what testing has been performed:
- Cyclical loading through a range of real world load cases including extreme high loads to simulate impacts. Up to 800kg of load (equivalent to a total car weight of 3200kg).
- 900hrs of total loaded running time, ~70days @ 12hrs a day.
- Monitored for temperature and vibration throughout the testing.
The bearings were then stripped down and checked for things like:
- Flange runout
- Radial runout
- Percentage of grease lost
- Surface finish

The bearings have met expectations and remain within drawing tolerances, a huge step towards the perfect conversion hubs!

Another update we think is worth sharing: We aren't just making front hubs! Once starting production, we decided it was best to offer a complete conversion, including rear hubs. With all plans to be a one stop shop in converting your FRS / GR86 / BRZ to 5x114.3!
But, with all this good news comes the part where we need some help. As this is a product FOR the people, we decided it was important to get YOUR say through some feedback. Due to the design of the front hub, it will require replacement brake rotors.

We are now in the process of manufacturing our replacement rotor and the question here is:
Do you prefer an OEM style rotor to reduce cost, or would you like a slotted rotor to suit?

For the rear hub, there are two options:
Option 1 - We provide a replacement rear rotor
Option 2 - The OEM rear rotor can be re drilled, to aid in this process we can provide a template to suit and even a step drill bit to suit 13mm studs (pretty uncommon to find usually).
What would you prefer? Option 2 would reduce the cost further, but it is a little DIY and I understand not all are comfortable drilling into a brake rotor.

As always, we are so grateful for your support of this endeavour.
We truly believe we are on track to have not only the BEST 5x114.3 conversion available, but one that stands by our beliefs. A bolt-on, affordable solution!
We've been hard at work on the FRS / GR86 / BRZ chassis with our full time in-house engineers working non-stop. We would be incredibly appreciative if you share the word of how many items we now offer!

Not on the waiting list? Reach out to directly VIA email now! 

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