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Do you combine the cost of postage for when buying multiple items?
Yes, our website automatically calculates the cost of postage based on the total weight and size of the order.

What happens if I order something that is on back order along with items that are listed as in stock?
As you're only paying for postage once, we ship the order once all of the items are in stock. If you want items that are in stock to arrive ASAP then you'll need to place a second order.

Can I pick up an item from you?
No, we no longer man our warehouse and ship all of our items our remotely. That said you can always refer to our distributors if you don’t like buying online and would prefer to buy from a shop. See our distributor list to the bottom right of this page and make contact with your local distributor for pickups.

Can I order over the phone?
No, this would just result in double handling as all of our orders need to be entered into our website. You can securely pay via credit card, bank deposit or PayPal through our website.

Can you find a product for me if it’s not listed on your website?
No, we don’t source any products. If it’s not on our website then we don’t sell it and we can’t find it. Sorry.

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, you sure can. We accept PayPal and in terms of speed, it is only second to credit card payment which clears instantly. 

Can I pay with my Credit Card?
Yes, you sure can. Choose PayPal as your payment method, then select "Pay by Credit Card". (No PayPal Account Needed)

Do you charge any extra fees for PayPal transactions?
No, at present we don’t charge any extra fees for PayPal transactions.


I have some questions in regards to a specific product, can you help me?
Please refer to the specific product page. Down the bottom we have FAQ’s relating to each particular product.

Do you have any installation guides?
No, unfortunately not. We are working on them but at present we don’t have any installation guides. Let Google be your friend until we can help.

What if I buy an item and it doesn’t fit my car?
If our website says that it will fit your car, then chances are it will. If for some reason you have ordered the incorrect part, providing that the item is in its original condition then you can return the item for an exchange. You will be responsible for postage costs unless we were at fault.

Do you offer refunds?
The only time that we will offer a refund is in the event that we’ve sold you a faulty item and we can’t replace it with a substitute.

What about if I'm ordering something that's at a pre buy price or on back order, can I get a refund?
Typically not, we offer pre buy prices (ie. discounts) as the parts are being paid for up front (beneficial to us) and we then manufacture based on the quantities that are ordered. If you then change your mind, it costs us money and we'll have excess stock available. If there is an excessive wait due to unforseen circumstances, we may offer a refund or a credit voucher however this is at our discretion and will be decided based on individual circumstances. 

What sort of warranty do your items have?
All of the items that we sell have a minimum of a 12 month replacement warranty.

Who pays for freight in the unlikely event of a faulty item?
We will pay for freight to and from us. You send the item back to us and we will reimburse your postage costs.

Do you have spare parts for items that you sell?
We may have spare parts for some items, however we don’t deliberately keep spare parts. Contact us and we’ll let you know whether we can help or not. If the item is under warranty and something is broken, then we will obviously rectify the situation ASAP at no cost.

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